Bear Necessities Bundle

Bear Necessities Bundle

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Get your hands on this Bear Necessities Bundles which contains everything your little one needs for a healthy diet. Packed with a wide range of fruity on-the-go snacks and boxes of delicious cereal that are full of fibre in cocoa and multigrain.


- BEAR Strawberry Yoyo Multipack 5 x 20g

- BEAR Raspberry Yoyo Multipack 5 x 20g

- BEAR Blackcurrant Yoyo Multipack 5 x 20g

- BEAR Mango Yoyo Multipack 5 x 20g

- BEAR Paws Strawberry & Apple 5 x 20g

- BEAR Paws Blueberry & Raspberry 5 x 20g

- BEAR Paws Apple & Blackcurrant 5 x 20g

- BEAR Alphabites Multigrain 1 x 350g

- BEAR Alphabites Cocoa 1 x 350g