Biona Organic Extra Virgin Italian Olive Oil 500ml

Biona Organic Extra Virgin Italian Olive Oil 500ml

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Treat yourself to a delicious bottle of Biona's extra virgin olive oil, and you'll get only the finest cold-pressed olive oil for you to use in cooking or for all manner of purposes, really. It's the first pressing which you really deserve, or do you want to wait ‘til everyone else has had their fun with the olives?


Table of Nutrition

Per 100ml: Energy: 3757kJ/900kcal, Fat: 100g, of which Saturates: 13g, of which mono unsaturated fatty acids: 74g, of which poly unsaturated fatty acids: 13g, Carbohydrate: 0g, Fibre: 0g, Protein: 0g, Salt: 0g


Organic Italian Olive Oil Extra Virgin - from Organic Agriculture

Dietary Information



Store in a cool, dark place

Best before: see lid