Catsan Natural Biodegradable Clumping Cat Litter 20L

Catsan Natural Biodegradable Clumping Cat Litter 20L

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Cats are great, they insist on taking care of themselves, and when nature calls, they have their own handy box where they do their business. Unfortunately, that box can really start to hum sometimes, so to avoid the worst of your kitty's smelliness, this big bag of biodegradable, natural, clumping cat litter will take care of odours, while also making it easy for you to clean up when the time comes. There are no harsh smells to worry your feline friend either, so everyone gets the purr-fect outcome.

Preparation & Usage

Usage Instructions:

Open the bag at the easy-open-spout, Fill the litter box with min 6cm of Catsan™ litter to allow your cat to dig and avoid clumps from sticking to the bottom. Remove the clumps every day, add fresh litter to keep the filling level at 6cm and change the litter completely on a regular basis. If you have under floor heating make sure to put insulating material under the litter box.

Litter clumps can be flushed from toilet one by one after soaking them apart. For environmental reasons and to save fresh water (up to 7500 liters in your household each year) Catsan™ litter recommends disposal through communal bio waste container where permitted.


Store in a dry place