Clearspring Organic Rapeseed Oil 1L

Clearspring Organic Rapeseed Oil 1L

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Rapeseed oil is a great choice for so many different uses. It's low in saturated fat which makes it a great light choice for a cooking oil when frying or roasting, and it tastes great on its own so you can pop it on your salad to make a tasty dressing. The possibilities are endless!


Table of Nutrition

per 100ml: Energy : 3404kJ, : 828kcal, Fat : 92g, of which saturates : 6g, Monounsaturates : 54g, Polyunsaturates : 27g, Carbohydrate : 0g, of which sugars : 0g, Protein : 0g, Salt : 0g, Vitamin E : 23mg (192% DRI*), Alpha linolenic acid (Omega 3): 6g, *DRI = Daily Reference Intake

Dietary Information


Preparation & Usage

Recommended maximum heating temperature: 100°C


Store in a cool, dark place