Creative Nature Spirulina Powder 300g

Creative Nature Spirulina Powder 300g

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Spirulina is a Blue green micro algae that harvests the energy of the sun, growing a treasure of bio available nutrients. It was one of the first photosynthetic life forms on earth, 3.6 billion years ago and it helped produce the oxygen in our atmosphere that has allowed all higher life forms to evolve. Spirulina contains billions of years of successful evolutionary wisdom coded in its DNA.

What’s in me?

• Spirulina is a natural wholefood. It is 60% all-vegetable protein.

• It contains a complete range of vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients and is especially rich in chlorophyll.

• Vitamin B12, beta-carotene, Iron, Calcium and the rare essential fatty acid, GLA.

• It is also one of the richest sources of arginine, an amino acid which promotes the release of growth hormones which stimulate the body’s own regenerative processes.

What can I be used for?

• Spirulina boosts energy and supports cardiovascular health by lowering cholesterol.

• To provide a high level of antioxidant protection.

• To Stimulate the metabolism.

• As a high protein nutritional supplement.


1- 10 grams per day. The powder can be mixed into foods and smoothies, or taken as a ‘shot’, mixed with small amount of juice or water.


Table of Nutrition

Spirulina Powder Per 100g

Energy 1533 kj / 367 kcal

Protein 60g

Carbohydrate 19g

of which sugars 130mg

Fat 6g

of which is Saturated 1.6g

Fibre 5.9g

Sodium 733mg

Potassium 1.5g

Iron 106mg

Vitamin B12 (Cobalamin) 60mcg

Beta-carotene 533mg

Chlorophyll 800mg

Phycocyanin 11.1g