E-cloth Kitchen Cleaning Cloths x 2

E-cloth Kitchen Cleaning Cloths x 2

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E-cloths might sound like something to scrub up your inbox, but these really are a neat innovation in cleaning. The kitchen cloth is designed to work nice and straightforwardly with nothing but water, to clean up thick grease and dirt. It's all in the number of fibres, which make these good for a much deeper clean than you'd get with your bog standard cloths, that's for sure.

Preparation & Usage

Care Instructions

Daily: Rinse and wring out your Kitchen Cleaning Cloths after use.

Weekly: Machine wash up to 90°C (hot) with a small amount of detergent. No fabric softener or dryer sheets. Tumble or hang dry.

As often as you like: To sanitize and degrease your Kitchen Cleaning Cloths, boil in just water.

Oops! Instructions: If fabric softener or dryer sheets are used by accident, rewash with a little detergent on the highest temperature setting.

Made to last: These Kitchen Cleaning Cloths come with a 3-year or 300-wash guarantee (when used and cared for as recommended).

How to Use Instructions

1. Wet and wring the Kitchen Cloth

2. Wipe the surface

3. Polish with the dry Glass & Polishing Cloth

The Kitchen Cloth also has a scrubbing pocket to remove stubborn food residue or grime from kitchen surfaces.