Filippo Berio Classic Olive Oil 2L

Filippo Berio Classic Olive Oil 2L

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It turns out it's possible to live la dolce vita without having to move your life to Italy, and it can all start with this 2 litre bottle of Filippo Berio's classic olive oil. Not only is it great for cooking and drizzling, but you'll find all manner of uses beyond the kitchen - it might just take over your life.


Table of Nutrition

(per 100ml): Energy : 3378kj-822kcal, Fat : 91.3 g, of which saturates : 15.5 g, Mono-unsaturates : 66.1 g, Polyunsaturates : 9.7 g, Carbohydrate : 0 g, of which sugar: 0 g, Fibre : 0 g, Protein : 0 g, Salt : 0 g

Preparation & Usage

This versatile all-purpose Olive Oil is excellent for sautéing, grilling and roasting or as a base for sauces. It's ideal with everything from meat and poultry to your favourite vegetables.


Store at room temperature, away from heat and direct sunlight. Becomes cloudy below 7°C. This does not affect product quality.