Free Star Alcohol Free Beer 4 x 330ml

Free Star Alcohol Free Beer 4 x 330ml

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It's high time that we had a truly great alcohol-free beer to enjoy, and cometh the hour, cometh Free Star! This pack of 4 cans will give you a refreshing full taste of citrus zest, with absolutely no alcohol and only 62 calories per can to boot. You'll have the perfect beer to sip or knock back as you see fit, without even the merest hint of a hangover the next morning.


Table of Nutrition

per 100ml:: Cals:: 82KJ/19cals, Fat: 0.1g, Carbs: 4.5g, (of which sugars: 1.1g), Protein: 0.1g, Salt: 0.0g


Water, Malted Barley (GLUTEN FREE), Perle Hops, Other Natural Ingredients