Jameson Triple Distilled Irish Whiskey 700ml

Jameson Triple Distilled Irish Whiskey 700ml

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Smooth Irish whiskey made the John Jameson way since 1780. Jameson.

Jameson Original Irish Whiskey Limited Edition Bottle – Customers May Receive One Of The 5 Limited Edition Bottle Label Designs Advertised In The Image, Although This Cannot Be Guaranteed In Online Orders As Stock Is Subject To Availability.. Jameson Irish whiskey is a triple-distilled blended Irish whiskey, as versatile as it is smooth. Whiskey like Jameson isn't just born smooth and balanced. First, we take the best of pot still and fine grain whiskeys. Then we triple distil them. Not because we have to, because we want to. This gives Jameson its signature smoothness. This tradition began in 1780 with John Jameson, and we continue his legacy to this day. Finally, we age our whiskey in oak casks for a minimum of 4 years. The result? A unique whiskey with a perfect balance of spicy, nutty and vanilla notes with hints of sweet sherry. Simply enjoy neat, poured over ice, or in any of your favourite whiskey cocktails.. Winner of the 2018 The Irish Whiskey Masters (TIWM) Gold award..


40 ABV. Units 28


We always like to say that everything you need to know about Jameson is right here - either on our bottle or in our bottle - encapsulating our full story. The label features our family crest and motto. Proclaiming ‘Sine Metu', it means ‘Without Fear'. It's the reason John Jameson first triple distilled Irish whiskey, creating Jameson Irish Whiskey as we know it. So in the spirit of Sine Metu, let us take you on a journey. Pull up a chair…

Jameson bottles are made using up to 80% recycled glass and are 100% recyclable. The Midleton Distillery where Jameson is produced has reduced energy consumption by 30% since 2010, and water consumption by 33% since 2011.