Marigold Extra-Life Kitchen Gloves Size Large

Marigold Extra-Life Kitchen Gloves Size Large

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No matter what you need them for, you'll want a set of kitchen gloves to be hitting that perfect balance between sturdy and comfortable. These Marigolds have both those things and more covered, and their large size will make them the perfect fit not just for the biggest hands, but for any task you need to undertake, no matter how gross and grotty.

Preparation & Usage

Rinse gloves after use.


Store dry and avoid direct sunlight.


This product contains natural rubber latex which may cause allergic reactions. Retain this packaging for future reference. Not for use with dangerous chemicals. If using gloves with oil based detergents, ensure your gloves are thoroughly rinsed and dried before storage. Alternatively opt for a nitrile glove such as Marigold Sensitive to prolong the life of your gloves.