Napolina Spaghetti 3kg

Napolina Spaghetti 3kg

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We can't imagine you'll be lacking for spaghetti once you have this 3kg pack from Napolina in your food cupboard, but honestly, we've seen some fascinating choices made when it comes to portion control. This bag will give you everything you need for the perfect spag bol, or to stir into a creamy carbonara.


Table of Nutrition

Per 100g uncooked: Energy: 1508kJ/356kcal, Fat: 1.5g, - of which saturates: 0.3g, Carbohydrate: 72.0g, - of which sugars: 3.0g, Fibre: 3.0g, Protein: 12.0g, Salt: <0.01g, This pack contains approximately 40 servings

Per 75g uncooked: Energy: 1130kJ/267kcal, Fat: 1.1g, - of which saturates: 0.2g, Carbohydrate: 54.0g, - of which sugars: 2.3g, Fibre: 2.3g, Protein: 9.0g, Salt: <0.01g, This pack contains approximately 40 servings


100% Durum WHEAT Semolina

Dietary Information


Preparation & Usage

Cooking Instructions

Add pasta to a large pan of slightly salted boiling water, return to the boil and cook for 9-11 minutes according to taste.

A shorter cooking time will create a firmer authentic Italian texture ('al dente meaning 'firm to the bite').

Drain and serve with your favourite Napolina pasta sauce.


Once opened, store in a cool dry place.

Best before end: See back of pack.