Regina Seriously Soft Toilet Tissue Rolls x 16

Regina Seriously Soft Toilet Tissue Rolls x 16

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Nature will call to everyone at least once in the day, it's a fact of life. With this pack of 16 loo rolls, you can be more than prepared for when the porcelain throne beckons. The packaging is biodegradable and compostable too, so you can pop this in your food waste bin and save yourself one less thing to ponder while your body does what it's gotta.

Preparation & Usage

Disposal information:

Open from one end and re-use it to collect food waste

Alternatively, place packaging directly in food waste collection bag

Suitable also for your compost bin

Do not include with plastic recycling

Not to be used with any liquids or hot food

If in doubt please check your local Council's waste management scheme.



To avoid risk of suffocation, please keep this plastic wrapper out of the reach of children