Seventh Generation All Purpose Spray 500ml

Seventh Generation All Purpose Spray 500ml

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Give your home the clean it deserves with this super useful all-purpose spray from Seventh Generation. It'll take care of tough grease, grime and dirt without any fuss, and thanks to it being almost entirely made from plant based ingredients, with no bleach or any synthetic fragrances to boot, your home will not just be properly cleaned, it'll feel it too.


<5% Non-ionic surfactant, amphoteric surfactant, methylisothiazolinone. Aqua, Caprylyl/decyl glucoside (plant-dervied cleaning agent). Coco-betaine (plant-based surfactant). Sodium gluconate (plant-based water softener). Sodium Carbonate (Mineral-based alkalinity builder). Methylisothiazolinone (synthetic preservative)

Preparation & Usage

For general cleaning, spray 15 – 20 cm from surface, scrub as needed, rinse or wipe clean. For tougher stains, allow to sit for 1 minute, then scrub as needed and rinse or wipe clean.




Do not breathe dust or mist.

Contains Methylisothiazolinone. May produce an allergic reaction.