Tampax Compak Regular Tampons Applicator x 18

Tampax Compak Regular Tampons Applicator x 18

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Your period is already the worst time of any month, the last thing you want is for even more discomfort because of a rubbish tampon. With these super tampons, you don't have to worry about the latter at least: these are ideal for those who are dealing with a light to medium flow, and they're designed to prevent any risks of leaks as well as maximising comfort when in use.


Components and packaging recycling info at tampax.eu

Preparation & Usage

Do not flush tampons, wrappers or applicators. Bin them.

Keep in a cool dry place. For more information about our products please visit our Tampax website.


Tampons have been associated with Toxic Shock Syndrome (TSS). TSS is a rare but serious illness that can be fatal.