Teapigs Chamomile Flowers Tea Temples x 50

Teapigs Chamomile Flowers Tea Temples x 50

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Most chamomile teas are made by crushing the flowers - not a nice thing to do. The best chamomile tea comes from brewing the whole flowers - which is exactly what we do. The chamomile flower is celebrated for its health benefits, which include calming, aiding sleep and supporting digestion. Louise

Dream on Naturally caffeine-free Great taste 2020 - 2 stars Big Leaf Big Flavour


Chamomile Flowers (100%)

Dietary Information

Vegan, Gluten Free,

Preparation & Usage

How we like it: 1 Temple per cup Boil to 100°C Brew for 3-5 mins


Please keep me cool and dry until I'm finished. Best before: see back of pack.