Tommee Tippee Softly Scented Citrus Refills x 6

Tommee Tippee Softly Scented Citrus Refills x 6

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The nappy bin is rarely a place that anyone looks forward to visiting through their day, but you can at least keep it hygienic and smelling a little bit less awful, with these citrus scented refills. You've got 6 here to fit all twisting nappy bins, so at least that's one less thing to worry about when it comes to full nappies. Unfortunately we can't help you with the rest, but we wish you luck come changing time.

Preparation & Usage

Here's how to fit your refill:

1 Place the refill into the lid

2 Pull film evenly out of refill

3 Push film through the centre of the refill

4 Tie a knot in the film

5 Secure the knot under the hook

6 Replace the bin lid

This refills do not fit the Simplee Sangenic bin

This refill is compatible with the Tommee Tippee bins illustrated

Please read and retain the important instructions located on the base of pack for future reference.


WARNING! Plastic film can be dangerous. To avoid suffocation keep plastic film away from babies and children. Do not store in or near babies' sleeping area.

WARNING! For adult use only. Do not allow your child to play with this product.

Please read and retain our address for future reference.